1. Grand Opending Zapalstyle

    Grand Opending Zapalstyle

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  2. Color of the week yellow

    Featured Dress

    Yellow themed Promotion Sale

    This dress is the perfect for summer. Crafted from polyester and cotton fabrication, this dress includes off shoulder, sleeveless, bow tie, backless, flounce, strapless,button above the knee design in solid color.

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  3. Multi-functional Mini USB Charging Juice Squeezer Blender

    Your kitchen is one of the most loved rooms in your home. It’s the place where your family gathers, creates meals together and shares stories over food. But despite the kitchen being the heart of your home, it can also be a place of chaos with so many appliances, utensils and plates taking up valuable countertop space. That’s why it is so important to invest in small, lightweight and portable kitchen appliances that don’t take up much room and keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. For that, we love the Multi-functional Mini USB Charging Juice Squeezer Blender as it’s a small and lightweight device th

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  4. Prooral 5102 Water Pick Oral Irrigator Teeth Cleaner Dental Care Spa

    Often times when we got to the dentists one of the biggest complaints that we receive is that we don’t floss enough. However, a simple habit such as flossing your teeth in the evening can often be tedious and extremely easy to forget, despite the plethora of benefits to your oral health. Not only does flossing prevent plaque build-up, keep your breath fresh and prevent stains but it also assists with your gum health.

    One of the biggest deterrents of flossing is that it can lead to bleeding gums and can someti
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  5. Colour of the week: Red

    Color of The Weekend- Red
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  6. Bohemian Dresses

    Summer time is almost upon us, and during this time you will find yourself strolling through tropical islands, relaxing on beach’s and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun. Before you jet off for your summer holiday, first things first, what should you be wearing? Our top pick for the ultimate outfit this season is Bohemian dresses.

    Staying loyal to the Bohemian spirt, Zapalstyles has carefully selected a range of boho dresses that feature signature prints of vintage floral, tribes and earthy designs. After taking a quick peak into the range, the colour pallet for this year br

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  7. Women’s Plus-size Dresses Guide: Styles and Tips

    Plus-size women or also called as “curvy women” have a distinctive beauty and no one can oppose to that. Wearing a dress is a sure-fire way to feel more like a woman and for some, it may take a bit of courage. Curvy women have special features and if you are one of them, you should bear in mind that there are special tips and tricks to keep your natural allure. Continue reading below so you can find some useful hacks and ideas for wearing the right plus-size dress that will definitely come to your aid.

    Renaissance plus-size woman painting: Source Plus-size Dresses History If we go back in time to an era when “plus-size” was not uncommon but even considered to be attractive, we can learn some ideal basis for

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  8. Green: Must Have Color of the Week

    Summer is right around the corner! Is your wardrobe ready? Most people take this season as a chance of expressing themselves by putting together a new look. Whether you want your tan to show up or if you are just looking for inspiration on what trending color you should try this season, you better keep on reading because we’re here to give you some helpful ideas with some of the must-haves on your wardrobe. Each season, if you are not familiar with the Pantone Color Institute, they create the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report. This report gives a color overview, highlighting the top colors that fashion designers display at the London Fashion Week for the upcoming season. Basically, this institute acts as your easy access guide to the season’s most important color trends. Last year’s Pantone Color was the color green. The greenery provides a sense of hopefulness amid a complex social and political landscape. That’s why green is a very optimistic color and the reason why this color i

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  9. Pink: Color of the Week and Ways to Wear it

    You are going to look at these images and it’s going to be a lot of pinks! The past year, our favorite color has been having its shining moment as you know, millennial pink has been the hottest trend of 2018 and we are not yet over with it. That’s why there’s a lot of reasons to try to mix pink with your outfits. Pink has so many flexible shades that you can even blend it together with different tones of outfits. A bright fuchsia, a baby pink, or a muted rose are certainly fashion statements. We are not here to persuade you to wear pink from head to toe, looking like a total barbie girl. But you might want to add some touch of sweetness when you go to work or school by blending pink to your outfits this week. Sounds fun and interesting? Keep on reading and we’ll give you a guide so you can wear pink the right way.

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  10. Trendy Must-Have Beach Towels and Mats for 2018

    It’s time to prepare and make the most of the beaches as we are now in the middle of the heatwave. Either your chosen beach is sandy or pebbly, you’ll need something to lie on. Our first tip for you is to stop using your bed sheet to lay in the sand!

    Change your game and switch to a great beach towel or mat. You should remove that random sheet or old beach towel as your satisfactory option for the beach. Yes, it can help when you lie in the sand but a great beach towel or mat has the same power and function as your durable bathing suit. These towels and mats are not only functional but can also stand out on the beach that will keep you and your family dry and protected. Keep scrolling to check them out, and happy sunbathing!

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